Business documentation

Business documentation takes many forms within your organization:

  • project plans
  • proposals
  • service requests
  • standard operating procedures,
  • and more.

Keeping these documents consistent and in alignment with each other is difficult. Many organizations try to solve this issue by implementing a technology platform such as a Content Management System or a Document Management System to manage the hierarchy of their content and facilitate access to information, but they neglect to improve the actual content of their business documents. When you use the Information Mapping Method, improving your business documentation is greatly simplified.

Write business documentation quickly and easily

Writing high quality documents is easy when you apply the Information Mapping methodology to:

  • analyze the content
  • structure the content based on your analysis and the information types, and
  • present the content in clear, structured and consistent ways.

Information Mapping has developed the FS Pro 2013 software, which is used in more than 1000 organizations around the world. Together with the Information Mapping methodology, it's an unbeatable combination that helps you get your business documentation right.

FS Pro 2013 comes pre-loaded with more than 20 templates for creating and structuring commonly used business documents, so you can get started quickly and easily. But that's not all: it's easy to add your own custom templates to the Template Manager, and reuse them in a consistent way across your organization.

Business documentation

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