Information Mapping's services help organizations in just about every sector improve the way they operate by improving the quality of their mission-critical communications. Clients include industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, finance, insurance, energy, manufacturing, transportation, technology and government, as well as many others.

SOP templates for Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech companies operate in a highly competitive and tightly regulated environment. They face enormous pressure from shortening time to market to ensure return on substantial R&D investments, and complying with the demands of regulatory agencies to meet quality and safety requirements before a product is released

The need to reduce risk while accelerating time to market has become a compelling priority. The industry is seeking new ways to increase efficiency while operating safely and compliantly.

Medical & Healthcare

The Medical & Healthcare field is both highly regulated and highly competitive. Organizations are concerned with containing operating costs and growing market share while maintaining quality of service and remaining compliant with the requirements of regulatory bodies.


Within the financial industry, constant change is the only constant. Evolving products, new markets, increasing competition, mergers and acquisitions, and new technologies are among the major change drivers. In addition, financial organizations must operate in compliance with the requirements of FDIC, OCC, OTS,SEC and other regulators.

Quality and operation manuals for the Insurance industry

Faced with complex regulations, increasing competition and rising costs, insurance providers seek to minimize risk while providing customers with innovative, affordable products and prompt, efficient service. Competitive advantage goes to those who can improve the effectiveness of call center operations, field agent training and support, policy administration, and claims processing.

Energy & Utilities

Organizations in the Energy and Utilities sector must comply with the requirements of regulators such as OSHA, DOT, EPA, BSEE and BOEM. They are also increasingly concerned with building and maintaining the skills of a changing workforce.

Business proposal templates for the Telecom Industry

Leaders within the telecommunications sector are concerned with training and maintaining a highly skilled workforce and achieving excellence in product quality and customer service, while minimizing operating costs and maintaining compliance.


Information Mapping helps organizations in the technology industry to minimize operating costs and improve customer service.


Successful service organizations understand that offering products targeted to their customers’ needs is only part of the challenge. To excel, they must provide quick, accurate responses to customers’ questions as well as timely resolutions to issues. Information Mapping helps service organizations gain and maintain competitive advantage by improving their ability to provide excellent and immediate customer service.

Higher Education

The field of higher education is changing. Today's colleges and universities must do all they can to contain costs and optimize their operational efficiency while continuing to provide students with excellent service.


Organizations in the transportation industry are coping with rising costs as well as heavy regulation and increasing competition. Information Mapping helps them to minimize operating costs and optimize efficiency.

Higher Education

Achieving operational efficiency, safety and compliance have always been key issues for manufacturers. In an increasingly globalized environment, these issues become more complex. Manufacturers must provide a changing workforce with effective training, as well as clear, effective SOP’s and work instructions.They must also meet the requirements of regulators, as well as those of ISO or those of other quality systems.

Quality and operation manuals for Consumer Goods

Organizations within the Consumer Goods sector rely on Information Mapping to improve their operational efficiency in supply chain management, manufacturing, quality assurance and compliance.

Higher Education

For government agencies, the challenge is to operate efficiently and provide citizens with excellent service, despite continuing reductions in funding and loss of experienced employees due to retirements and downsizing.

The Plain Writing Act, which became law in late 2010, requires federal agencies to communicate clearly, in ways that the public can understand and use. Regulations they publish must be "accessible, consistent, written in plain language, and easy to understand."

Organizations & Non-profits

Non-profit and charitable organizations are increasingly challenged to minimize their operating costs while demonstrating optimal ROI for every dollar spent. Information Mapping provides its clients in this sector with services that support their efforts to contain costs and maximize operational efficiency.