About the Method

Information Mapping® is a research-based method for writing clear and user focused information, based on the audience’s needs and the purpose of the information.

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Discover the reader and writer challenges and how Information Mapping can help them.

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By implementing and using the Information Mapping method, you may see the following benefits:

Information Mapping® provides a number of tools that help you to analyze, organize and present information:

When everybody writes using their own terminology, their own way of organizing information, and their own ideas about how a document should look and feel, readers are confused by the resulting inconsistencies, contradictions, redundancies and gaps in the content. This leads to poor performance, operational inefficiences and compliance issues.

Information Mapping provides solutions for a wide range of issues faced by organizations.  From writing in plain language to getting compliance documentation under control, Information Mapping is on the leading edge of solutions for improving control of mission-critical information.


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