Content standard

When everybody writes using their own terminology, their own way of organizing information, and their own ideas about how a document should look and feel, readers are confused by the resulting inconsistencies, contradictions, redundancies and gaps in the content. This leads to poor performance, operational inefficiences and compliance issues.

Adopting a content standard such as Information Mapping can greatly reduce or eliminate these problems.

What is a content standard?

Content standardWhile most of us are already familiar with the need for technology standards, many organizations are only recently recognizing the equally important need for effective content standards. A content standard is a set of rules and guidelines used by everyone across an organization to ensure that content is written, formatted and stored in ways that make it

  • easy to retrieve
  • clear and understandable, and
  • easily reusable.

The Information Mapping Method has been adopted by organizations around the world because it is a proven content standard that can be deployed across technology platforms to improve the quality and usability of business communications from emails and memos to policies and procedures and complex technical documentation.

Information Mapping as a content standard

Using Information Mapping as a content standard in daily life means:

  • Using templates to ensure consistency and to avoid losing time
  • Using a terminology list to ensure consistency
  • Writing modular content that can be reused when necessary
  • ...


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