FS Pro software

The following IP protection questions relate to Information Mapping®'s FS Pro software.

Using FS Pro

When I have completed an Information Mapping® training, can I use FS Pro

  • In my own company?
    Yes, for writing company-related documents on your PC.
  • In my new company when I leave my current company?
    No, because FS Pro is licensed to the company or person that bought it.
  • At home for personal documents?
    Yes, if there is no commercial activity involved.
  • For writing services for which I charge?
    No, unless you get a license to do so from Information Mapping® International. Once you have paid for FS Pro through training, it can be used at home or in your company, provided you are not competing with Information Mapping® International in either training or consulting services. Such services provided, either within your company or external, require a license only from Information Mapping® to do so.

Transferring the license

Can I take FS Pro with me to my new company?

No, the new company must purchase a full license for you.

Relation to training

Can I use FS Pro when I did not follow an Information Mapping® training?

Yes, if you are properly licensed you can. However, we recommend that you complete an Information Mapping® training program to ensure that you can apply the Information Mapping® method to the software.

Modifying FS Pro

Can I change the existing FS Pro code or develop my own software tool that applies the Information Mapping® method? What if I distribute this software for free?

You should seek to obtain a developer’s license from Information Mapping® International. If you create a tool that is substantially similar in expression to Information Mapping® International’s software tools, you will in all likelihood be liable for copyright infringement. The damages could be measured as lost profits or statutory (such as damages up to $200,000 for willful infringement). Any distribution of an infringing software tool would subject an infringer to damages whether they sold the tool or gave it away. All parties involved in the distribution chain of an infringing work would also be liable whether or not they benefitted financially. In addition, criminal sanctions may be instituted as such a willful act may be prosecuted by the US Attorney’s Office under the criminal code.

Can I develop my own set of Word macros to write documents that look similar to FS Pro documents, but are not created using FS Pro?

No. This is simply another way of copying Information Mapping® International’s work which is protected by copyright.

What if there are small differences in the presentation of Word documents? Are they then considered as documents applying Information Mapping®?

Yes, copyright applies. It is the work as a whole that is protected by copyright. If it is shown that it is derived from Information Mapping® it is protected even if it is changed or modified. This concept is uniformly applied. For example: in Europe, similarities are more important than differences when judging copyright infringement. In the US, evidence of what was not copied is no defense to what was copied.

IP Protection Folder

ip protection folder

This document explains to which extent the Information Mapping® Method and products are protected. It also includes FAQ's on the Intellectual Property.

Download the folder here (PDF, 476KB)

Intellectual Property Infringement

The Intellectual Property in and related to Information Mapping® is owned by Information Mapping® International nv. Anyone who is properly licensed can use the IP. Any individual or organization which is not properly licensed is infringing the IP and is therefore participating in IP crime.

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