Use of The Method

The following IP protection questions relate to using Information Mapping® and training other people.

Using The Method

When I have followed an Information Mapping® training, can I use the method

  • In my own company?
    Yes, but not for commercial purposes and not to train your colleagues. Training of colleagues in any fashion requires a license provided only through Information Mapping®.
  • In my new company when I leave my current company?
    Yes, but you cannot make duplicates, copies or derivative works of any Information Mapping® licensed materials.
  • At home for personal documents?
    Yes, you can use Information Mapping® at home for personal use.
  • For writing services for which I charge?
    No, you cannot teach, sell, write or use Information Mapping® or provide professional services unless you are licensed to do so. Further, you cannot use FS Pro for commercial purposes either.

Commercial activities

Can I start a business using Information Mapping® as a writing method?

Yes. Once Information Mapping® International approves you through certification process and you agree to a mutually beneficial license agreement you may start a business training others and providing services. Information Mapping® International will work with you should you continue by providing training programs and products that will enhance your success.

Can I obtain a license to use the Information Mapping® method in my products and/or services?

Any license proposals or requests should be submitted to Information Mapping® International.

IP Protection Folder

ip protection folder

This document explains to which extent the Information Mapping® Method and products are protected. It also includes FAQ's on the Intellectual Property.

Download the folder here (PDF, 476KB)

Intellectual Property Infringement

The Intellectual Property in and related to Information Mapping® is owned by Information Mapping® International nv. Anyone who is properly licensed can use the IP. Any individual or organization which is not properly licensed is infringing the IP and is therefore participating in IP crime.

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