Course material

The following IP protection questions relate to copying and creating course material.


Can I make copies of the course material?

Absolutely not. You must purchase additional copies. This is the very basis of copyright protection. To copy is tantamount to stealing the work.

Creating your own course material

Can I create my own course material when it is slightly different from the original course material but still includes some of the Information Mapping® principles, format, expression or structure?

No. Modifying or even translating Information Mapping® International’s work in whole or in part violates the copyright rights if Information Mapping® International. Only the copyright holder (Information Mapping® International) has the right to make duplicates or to create derivative works.

Am I infringing when I use the same terminology (chunking, labeling, etc) as used in the Information Mapping® method, but derived it from other sources (books, articles, scientific studies)?

Yes. Copyright is not subject to reverse engineering as it is the structure, sequence and organization of the original creative work that protects the property in copyright. Going back and reviewing the social science or methodology does not obviate the copyright protection.

Am I infringing Information Mapping®’s IP when I use my own writing method which is similar to Information Mapping®, but uses a different terminology to refer to Maps, Blocks, Chunking, Labeling, etc?

If the writing uses different names to label Information Mapping® International’s use of its works then you would be infringing. Paraphrasing words to hide infringement does not work. In fact, it can be used as evidence of willful infringement because an infringer is seen as attempting to cover up a known infringement by paraphrasing.

IP Protection Folder

ip protection folder

This document explains to which extent the Information Mapping® Method and products are protected. It also includes FAQ's on the Intellectual Property.

Download the folder here (PDF, 476KB)

Intellectual Property Infringement

The Intellectual Property in and related to Information Mapping® is owned by Information Mapping® International nv. Anyone who is properly licensed can use the IP. Any individual or organization which is not properly licensed is infringing the IP and is therefore participating in IP crime.

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