Capturing Employee Knowledge

How much of what your employees know would be lost if they walked out the door today?

Increasing layoffs, retirements, and employee turnover mean we can't count on today’s workforce to be here tomorrow to

  • answer our questions
  • train new employees, and
  • share their mission-critical knowledge.

When employees leave, their knowledge, experience, and know-how leave with them.

Creating and maintaining documentation may not seem like a top priority now, but once employees walk out the door it's too late to find out what they know and how they did their work. 

The Benefits of Capturing Employee Knowledge

Taking steps now to capture your employees’ critical knowledge can help you

  • bring new hires up to speed more quickly
  • establish best practices and improved efficiencies across your team
  • share “lessons learned” among current workers to
    • spread the use of new innovations
    • avoid duplicating the same mistakes, and
  • minimize the burden on remaining and new workers as they try to fill the gaps left behind.

How we can help

We can help you

  • assess the risk of lost knowledge within your organization
  • identify who knows what, and where key information exists today, and
  • capture and organize your employees’ knowledge so it is easy to find, understand and use.