Writing in Plain Language

Are your communications as clear and consistent as they should be?

Are your communications as clear and consistent as they should be?

Too often, the written communications we share with our customers, managers, co-workers, and employees are poorly organized, inconsistent, and hard to understand.

Unclear Web site content, customer information, training materials, and internal policies and procedures lead to wasted time, poor decision making, errors, and unhappy customers.

But how do you get everyone in your organization writing in a clear, effective way that makes information easy to find and understand?

Simplifying Communications to Improve Customer Service and Performance

The answer is to standardize on proven methods and guidelines for simplifying communications and helping employees write in plain language.

Implementing standards that help managers and employees at all levels communicate information simply and effectively can help you

  • present key messages clearly—to employees, clients, and other important stakeholders
  • reduce confusion, frustration, errors, and questions to supervisors and call centers
  • minimize the time employees and customers spend looking for the information they need
  • improve your corporate image, and
  • increase customer satisfaction.

Plain Language and Information Mapping

The Information Mapping method gives your organization a proven standard that can be applied across the enterprise. It's a skill set that we can transfer to your employees to help them improve the quality and effectiveness of business communications from emails and memos to operations manuals and complex systems documentation. In addition to training, Information Mapping's services include establishing models, templates and standards for your documents as well as content design and development."