Improving Operating Efficiency and Performance

Don't underestimate the real cost of bad documentation!

Don't Underestimate the Real Cost of Bad Documentation!

Managers tend to underestimate how strongly the quality of policies, procedures, training materials and other documentation can impact the bottom line. Poor documentation is often a root cause of operational inefficiencies that drive up costs, erode profitability and lead to loss of competitive edge.

Streamlining how you create, distribute, manage, and use all kinds of content—from product knowledge to customer service information, work instructions, and personnel policies—can help you improve operating efficiency by

  • reducing questions to supervisors and call centers
  • minimizing errors, rework, and compliance risk
  • reducing the time spent looking for information, and
  • cutting development, review, and maintenance time.

How We Can Help

Information Mapping can help you

  • identify the source of documentation-related inefficiencies and business problems
  • assess the quality of your existing documentation
  • establish efficient new systems and processes for capturing, communicating, and managing information, and
  • redesign and rewrite problem content to eliminate inefficiencies and support your business goals.