Information Mapping® Certified Consultant™ (IMCC)

General description

An IM Certified Consultant is an experienced professional who

  • provides Information Mapping® writing, editing and other consulting services, and
  • implements the Information Mapping® method as a solution for public (government/non-government) and private organizations.

Who should apply

Individuals who should consider applying for the IMCC Program are

  • technical writers
  • business communicators
  • web content developers
  • content strategists, and
  • knowledge management consultants

who want to deliver Information Mapping® writing, editing and other consulting services as an independent consultant or as an employee of an Information Mapping Partner.

Note: In order to provide Information Mapping® training, you need to be an Information Mapping Certified Instructor working for an Information Mapping Partner. Certified Consultants cannot sell Information Mapping® training, or train people themselves.


The specific qualifications for becoming an Information Mapping® Certified Consultant are:

  • having at least 2 years of experience in writing, consulting and/or editing services.
  • having completed at least one official Information Mapping® 2-day or 3-day classroom training, or the instructor-led e-learning course Mastering Business Communications – Instructor-led.
  • being able to communicate the fundamentals of the Information Mapping® method clearly, and
  • having personal attributes of high integrity, a professional attitude, and a passion for helping businesses make their information work.


Information Mapping International expects the following from its Certified Consultants:

  • Use Information Mapping® in your writing, editing and other consulting services.
  • Work and collaborate with Information Mapping® Partners on projects
  • Focus on convincing your clients that Information Mapping® is the solution for their documentation.

As an IMCC, you will receive the following types of benefits from the program:

Special experience

  • Join the exclusive network of professionals who can use and apply the protected and proven Information Mapping® method for third parties.
  • Have access to the Information Mapping® Community to ask specialized questions and share best practices with other Certified Consultants worldwide.
  • Have free access to all available Information Mapping® e-learning courses.
  • Reference: See for more information.
  • Receive an invitation to the annual Information Mapping® Conference to stay up to date with Information Mapping® and to network with other consultants. Note: Additional fees apply.


  • As an independent consultant, you can work with official Information Mapping® Partners who need additional resources for large projects.
  • As an employee of an official Information Mapping® Partner, you can add significant value to your career and your employer.
  • Be entitled to the exclusive use of the copyright-protected Information Mapping® method and IMCC logo.
  • Have the option to list your name and contact information on the official Information Mapping® website.
  • Receive up-to-date information on new product developments, marketing actions, and upcoming opportunities from Information Mapping International.

FS Pro

  • Receive a free FS Pro NFR (not for resale) license with every new release.
  • Get free third-level technical support for FS Pro (personal basis only).
  • Receive beta versions of new FS Pro releases with an invitation to provide feedback.


The expected duration of the entire process ranges from two to three months, depending on your skill level.


Stage Description Details
1 Apply for the program

The applicant completes the apply now form.


When the resume is... Then...
Accepted and approved Applicant orders and pays the IMCC Certification Exam on the web store
Not accepted IMI sends feedback and gives recommendations.
2 Take the Certification Exam.

The applicant completes the IMCC Certification Exam in the allotted time. IMI provides feedback no later than 10 days after receiving the completed exam.

Note: Passing the IMCC Certification Exam depends on the applicant’s ability to demonstrate familiarity and expertise with the Information Mapping® method and skill with FS Pro.

  Get the IMCC License The applicant agrees to the IMCC terms and pays the IMCC License fee.


In order to continuously guarantee the quality of the services an IM Certified Consultant provides, Information Mapping International foresees a recertification every three years. The recertification implies taking a Certification Renewal Exam that checks the required skills of the Certified Consultant.

What you will receive

After your certification, you will receive

  • your official congratulatory letter
  • information on how to renew your certificate, and
  • your personal IMCC Certificate.

By purchasing the IMCC License, you agree to the IMCC License Terms.

Download the IMCC License Terms (PDF)

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