Who would qualify for the IMCC program

General description

An IM Certified Consultant is an experienced professional who

  • provides Information Mapping® writing, editing and other consulting services, and
  • implements the Information Mapping® method as a solution for public (government/non-government) and private organizations.

Who should apply

Individuals who should consider applying for the IMCC Program are

  • technical writers
  • business communicators
  • web content developers
  • content strategists, and
  • knowledge management consultants

who want to deliver Information Mapping® writing, editing and other consulting services as an independent consultant or as an employee of an Information Mapping Partner.

Note: In order to provide Information Mapping® training, you need to be an Information Mapping Certified Instructor working for an Information Mapping Partner. Certified Consultants cannot sell Information Mapping® training, or train people themselves.


The specific qualifications for becoming an Information Mapping® Certified Consultant are:

  • having at least 2 years of experience in writing, consulting and/or editing services.
  • having completed at least one official Information Mapping® 2-day or 3-day classroom training, or the instructor-led e-learning course Mastering Business Communications – Instructor-led.
  • being able to communicate the fundamentals of the Information Mapping® method clearly, and
  • having personal attributes of high integrity, a professional attitude, and a passion for helping businesses make their information work.


Information Mapping International expects the following from its Certified Consultants:

  • Use Information Mapping® in your writing, editing and other consulting services.
  • Work and collaborate with Information Mapping® Partners on projects
  • Focus on convincing your clients that Information Mapping® is the solution for their documentation.