How to get certified?


The expected duration of the entire process ranges from two to three months, depending on your skill level.


Stage Description Details
1 Apply for the program

The applicant completes the apply now form.


When the resume is... Then...
Accepted and approved Applicant orders and pays the IMCC Certification Exam on the web store
Not accepted IMI sends feedback and gives recommendations.
2 Take the Certification Exam.

The applicant completes the IMCC Certification Exam in the allotted time. IMI provides feedback no later than 10 days after receiving the completed exam.

Note: Passing the IMCC Certification Exam depends on the applicant’s ability to demonstrate familiarity and expertise with the Information Mapping® method and skill with FS Pro.

  Get the IMCC License The applicant agrees to the IMCC terms and pays the IMCC License fee.


In order to continuously guarantee the quality of the services an IM Certified Consultant provides, Information Mapping International foresees a recertification every three years. The recertification implies taking a Certification Renewal Exam that checks the required skills of the Certified Consultant.

What you will receive

After your certification, you will receive

  • your official congratulatory letter
  • information on how to renew your certificate, and
  • your personal IMCC Certificate.