Step 5: Help your users find the information they need

Ask employees where they go to find information and observe them to see how long it takes them to get answers to their questions. Do you see excessive use of sticky-notes, bookmarks, and copies of controlled documents? Are supervisors and help desks being flooded with questions?


When employees cannot easily find the information they need, it is often because necessary details have been relegated to appendices or stuck in other places where they may be missed.

Make information easier to find with access aids such as a table of contents, an index, titles and labels, and hyperlinks. Charts, tables, graphics, and bulleted lists also make information stand out.


Use clear and succinct labels to help users find information quickly.

Ask these questions:

  • Did you include access aids, such as a table of contents, index, and hyperlinks? 
  • Are titles and labels descriptive and distinct? 
  • Are charts, tables, graphics, and bulleted lists used to help highlight and clarify information? 
  • Is the information stored and distributed in a way that makes it available when and where it is needed?