A manager at an oil and gas company recently remarked that there are only two kinds of people working in the sector: those who already feel the impact of the Big Shift Change and those who are going to. He knew what he was talking about.

Is your company ready to lose half of its skilled workforce?

Despite the sector’s widely reported recent downturns, industry experts warn that the ongoing departure of experienced older workers poses increasing risk for companies that aren’t adequately prepared to source, train and support the younger workers who will replace them. In 2014 the Society of Petroleum Engineers estimated that over the next 5 to 7 years the sector could lose up to 50% of its skilled workforce. If that estimate is even somewhat accurate, it means executives and managers will face major challenges in maintaining safety, compliance and operational efficiency.

Preparing for the Big Shift Change: 3 “Must Have” Strategies

Here are 3 strategies that can help ensure that your company is ready to cope with the Big Shift Change.

6 Point Checklist

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