3 Tips for Writing Winning Sales Proposals

Does this sound familiar to you? Working late to finish up proposals that need to go out, having to scrutinize every part of your proposal, discovering mistakes every time you read through, getting overwhelmed with volumes of content. Or have you ever submitted your proposal only to realize that you missed the deadline by a few hours? Writing proposals can be both challenging and time consuming…

But they are a necessity and act as the voice of your company or business. Being able to present the requested information in a customized, well-written and visually appealing way will ultimately determine if your company will win or lose the deal. We've got 3 tips that will help you make the cut.

1. Analyze, structure, standardize

Reduce Errors

​When several team members work on different proposals at the same time, this often results in overlapping copy, duplication of efforts, inconsistencies or careless mistakes - especially when we're talking about sales proposals with hundreds of pages! Keep in mind that every reader needs to be able to find the pertinent information easily.

Optimize the Process

Set up basic rules like:

  • ​a corporate style guide
  • workflows
  • clearly defined roles and responsibilities 
Information Mapping®'s FS Pro 2020, an easy-to-use add-in to MS Word can help to this optimize and streamline this process by assisting you in breaking up information into digestible chunks that allow you to structure your content in a more accurate, understandable way. Team members can easily find, share and re-use pieces of information and will no longer have to re-write parts of proposals with a myriad of writing styles, inconsistencies and copy/paste errors. 

Use Graphics 

​When it comes to sales proposals a 'wall of words' is not the way to go. Visuals like tables and graphs are more accessible for readers. Make sure you use them to, e.g., draw attention to key information. Evaluators will be able to scan your sales proposal easily and will have a better and faster understanding of it. Moreover, making your proposal look aesthetically appealing will make you stand out from your competition.

2. Create content faster

​Need for Speed

​You can speed up the process of creating the sales proposals by making internal templates. This way you can re-use information from other proposals you've made so that you don't have to start from scratch each time. Losing valuable time on basic drafts is a shame because 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first (Source: Hubspot)

Customize for Each Client 

​Spend your valuable time reviewing content and customizing the proposal for each client. When using software such as Information Mapping®'s FS Pro 2020 you can reduce the amount of time to get a draft proposal by more than 50%. How? FS Pro 2020 enables you to create re-usable templates, maps, blocks, tables and style sets so you aren't recreating the wheel each time.

Additionally, you'll be able to maintain a consistent customized style. Working with this re-usable repository is a real time saver. You can submit more proposals with your existing resources and have more time to improve the sales proposal

3. Get online and go mobile

We all love to swipe

Presenting your proposal on tablets or smartphones gives it a more professional look. Online proposals are 18% more likely to win business! (Source: Inc.com, Geoffrey James)

​With Information Mapping®'s FS Pro 2020, MS Word documents can be converted into online content with one click and without IT's intervention. Add your personal branding, send the proposal to your customers' smartphone and let them swipe!

See the difference

Information Mapping® can help you create winning sales proposals, check out a Before and After proposal example or contact us.

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