Introducing our latest Innovation: FS Pro 2020 Business

What is FS Pro 2020 Business and When Will it be Available?​ 

It's happening this week! Information Mapping is launching its latest product innovation: FS Pro 2020 Business, using FS Pro 2020 as a stepping-stone. 

"The product is unique and designed with today's business needs in mind. You can structure, share and transform documents into dynamic and visually appealing web publications. It's a game changer, giving you access to your content from anywhere through a mobile, tablet or computer."

- CEO Francis Declercq

What Makes FS Pro 2020 Business Different?

​FS Pro 2020 Business features a highly flexible and user-friendly format, enabling users to present their publications in a myriad of different ways by altering fonts, colors and backgrounds.

The reusable information button enables users to store, share and retrieve blocks of information from a shared virtual library. In other words, valuable data can be repurposed to build new publications in only a fraction of the time. 

Add to this a few visual changes, some coloring, a new background and it's done! You'll have a brand new publication in your hands, ready to publish and it can all be done in just a few clicks.  

FS Pro 2020: The Standard Option

New and current FS Pro 2020 users already have access to some very interesting features, including the ability to: 

  • Transform MS Word documents into fully functional websites
  • Design the "look and feel" of each publication
  • Store, share and password protect up to 5 documents 

FS Pro 2020 Business: The Premium Option

This option enables you to further manipulate the visual appeal of your publications, offering a variety of style sets with different fonts, colors and background images. 

You can also:

  • Store an unlimited number of publications
  • Set user levels to manage, access and monitor your team's documents
  • Enforce role-based security 
  • Validate your team's documents before they become public
  • Customize your folder structures
  • Collaborate and interact with other users in the cloud 

How does FS Pro 2020 Business work?​

FS Pro 2020 Business functions based on a straightforward 4-step work flow:

The FS Pro 2020 Business was designed to boost already existing work schemas, while achieving a seamless and non-disruptive synergy within writing teams.

With this goal in mind, there are 4 different types of user levels, each with its own clear set roles and administration rights. This includes cloud administrators, publishers, uploaders and guests. 

Find Out More!

​The possibilities are endless in terms of added value, efficiency and applicability to different types of projects in different types of scenarios. Anything from proposals, to manuals to SOP's can be published and visually heightened in the space of just a few clicks.

Ready to learn more about FS Pro 2020 Business and how it can help your business? 


FS Pro 2020 Business - FS Pro 2020

How does FS Pro 2020 Business work? FS Pro 2020 Business offers the ability to not only create structured documents in the FS Pro 2020 add-in for MS Word. It also allows you to publish your documents into dynamic and visually a

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