Stopping the disappearing act: government knowledge capture


If you’re among those who think government isn’t working very efficiently nowadays, just wait until next year. As of 2014, more than half of our federal government’s civilian employees will be eligible for retirement. Considerably more than half of those eligible are expected to actually retire. Fully 30% of the government’s workforce will walk out the door.

Retiring employees will cause crippling “knowledge drain” for the feds

Losing nearly a third of its employees is bound to have a serious impact on any organization’s operating efficiency. For one as large and complex as the federal government, the “knowledge drain” caused by the loss of so many retiring employees is potentially crippling. It will be a long time before new hires and replacement workers can perform at the same level as those who’ve left.

Knowledge capture should be the agencies’ priority

Federal agencies that continue operating efficiently despite the employee retirements will be those that make it their priority to capture the mission-critical knowledge of departing employees before they leave. Agencies can avoid the crippling consequences of losing their most skilled and experienced workers if they focus on

• adopting a systematic, strategic approach to knowledge capture
• training replacement workers as quickly and efficiently as possible, and
• giving employees rapid, easy access to the information needed to do their jobs.

The task facing the feds is huge and there’s no magic wand that can make it easier. It all comes down to knowledge capture. Unless they take steps now to make sure that mission-critical knowledge doesn’t walk out the door with retiring workers, federal agencies will just be spinning their wheels. And those who think that our government isn’t working very well now will have a lot more to complain about in 2014.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

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