The Information Mapping method is best known for its success as a business communications methodology, but it can make life easier for you outside the office, too. Right now we’re in the middle of the summer vacation season, so here’s an application for the Method that’s definitely not work-related, and all about summer fun.

Recipes and the Information Mapping® method

If there’s a “civilian” application for the Information Mapping method that beats writing up recipes, nobody’s told us about it. The Method provides an ideal standard for creating clear, easy-to-follow procedures, and there’s simply no better way to capture a good recipe than to Map it.

We’re speaking from experience, because several years ago we published Mapper’s Morsels, a collection of favorite recipes from our instructors and consultants. Recipes and the Information Mapping method are a perfect match.

Capture your favorite recipes: a model document to get you started

This summer, use your Mapping skills to write up the instructions for making a favorite dish or dessert. The Method will help ensure excellent results, even if you share your recipe with a chef who isn’t quite ready to launch his or her own Food Network program.

To help you get started, here’s a summer recipe from Mapper’s Morsels. This taco salad is easy to make and a perfect side dish for your next barbecue or picnic. It’s also designed as a model document, so you can use this Map’s structure to capture other recipes of your own. You can probably think of a few that everyone in the family agrees should be written down “someday.” Once you’ve begun, you’ll see why we say that this is such a great application for the Information Mapping method.


Have you found another great “civilian” application for the Method? We’d like to hear from you.