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 "That’s Information Mapping. I can tell by the lines, labels and white space.” Most people recognize a Mapped document right away, thanks to its characteristic format. This leads some to believe that the Method is simply a format, although the format is really just “the tip of the iceberg.” If you’re a Mapper, you know the Method’s greatest value is its systematic, research-based approach to information analysis and organization.

But don’t downplay the Information Mapping format—after all, it’s a content standard used by organizations worldwide. In dozens of research studies content arranged using the Information Mapping format has been proven to be easier to comprehend than the “before” version.

So, what makes this format work so well as a content standard?

Review the slide deck or list below to discover the features of the Information Mapping format that make it such an effective content standard.


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These formatting strategies really work, especially for writers trained in the Information Mapping method. Many independent studies have been done with documents written in this format. Adopting the Information Mapping format as an enterprise-wide content standard can help you improve the quality of your business communications and boost your organization’s operational efficiency.

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