Information Mapping is best known as an international content standard for business communications, but there’s no reason why you can’t use it to make life easier outside the office, too. Since July is here and the days are long and warm, we’re featuring 3 applications for the Method that are strictly about adding to your summer fun.

Application #1: Share your favorite cookout recipes

Cooking and the Information Mapping method are made for each other—there’s no better way to write up a good recipe than to Map it. This summer use your Mapping skills to create instructions for preparing your favorite cookout dish. Serve it up at your next barbecue or picnic and share the recipe with friends. Even those who may be lacking in Top Chef DNA will get great results by following your Mapped recipes.

Application #2: Revise those confusing rulebooks

Warm weather sports are in full swing, and so are the inevitable arguments about the rules of the game. Relying on the rulebook to settle disagreements often makes matters worse, because so many league rulebooks are confusingly written or incomplete. Emotions run high, and the resulting shouting matches can ruin everyone’s fun.

One of our directors became so frustrated by the sketchy nature of his son’s baseball league rulebook that he took it home and Mapped it. The new version he created was so clear and so much easier to understand that all the parents and coaches asked for copies of their own. Before you find yourself in the middle of another shouting match, volunteer to Map your league’s rules of the game—your reward will be that you’ll never lose another argument on the field.

Application #3: Guide the way to the getaway

Do your vacation plans include inviting friends to a summer getaway at a remote location? Google may not be the best way to help them find those really secluded spots. It won’t take long for you to create a set of Mapped directions. Pay special attention to guiding your geographically-challenged friends through the trickier parts of the journey. Share what you know about where they can find the best restaurants, the tastiest craft beer and the prettiest scenery along the way.


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