Usability Enhancements

FS Pro 2013 contains many usability enhancements:

  • CTRL Z (undo): works as you would expect now in a Word environment.
  • Logical grouping of functions: fucntions that belong together are now put together in the user interface, for example Insert New Map, Save as Reusable Map, Delete Map and Map Manager.
  • TAB: when your cursor is inside the Block gridlines, the TAB key does not add a new row to the Block table, but adds a new Block. This is a very useful shortcut for users, which helps to retain the integrity of the FS Pro document.
  • Inserting tables: FS Pro prevents you to insert tables when the cursor is positioned outside the Block gridlines. In FS Pro 2013 all tables must be positioned within the Block gridlines, and FS Pro helps you do so.

Improved Installation
Flexible Publishing in FS Pro 2013


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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

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