Charged with violating FCPA? Start gathering your documentation.


At this week’s CBI Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress in Washington D.C., SEC Director of Enforcement Andrew Ceresney discussed, among a number of other compliance topics, how a company could minimize the negative consequences of a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

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Information Mapping at the 2015 CMS/DITA North America conference

Join Information Mapping at the 2015 CMS/DITA North America conference, the premier conference for everyone who manages technical and business content in both small departments and huge global enterprises.

Why the outcome of Yates shouldn’t bring document managers comfort


You’ve probably come across the story: a commercial fisherman violated a law on what he was allowed to legally catch, and destroyed the evidence of his violation to avoid being charged. But instead of invoking local law and fining him, the feds charged him under the anti-shredding statue of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

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3 Mistakes for Technical Communicators to Avoid in 2015

3 Mistakes for Technical Communicators to Avoid in 2015

2015 is well under way, and it’s an exciting year for technical communicators. Judging by the constant buzz and all the bantering and bickering on the profession’s favorite discussion forums, this is a great time to be in our line of work. Due to the ever-increasing amounts of content that organizations need to capture and control in order to remain competitive and compliant, we’re in a Golden Age of opportunity for those with the right skills and savvy.

But, as always, the pitfalls are still there. Here are 3 mistakes you should avoid making during the coming months.

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Information Mapping Announces Winners of 2014 IMAP Awards

About the IMAP Awards


Open to all Information Mapping clients and users, the IMAP Awards is a documentation contest intended to recognize and reward excellence in application of Information Mapping techniques and use of the FS Pro 2013 software.


2014 Award Winners

IMAP Award winners in five categories were announced:

The ‘Policies & Procedures Award’ went to David Ole of the Leading Edge Group.The ‘Training Materials Award’ went to Ralph Mock of Bank of New York Mellon.The ‘Compliance Documentation Award’ went to Alyson Ebaugh of Samaritan’s Purse.The ‘Reference Materials Award’ went to Nancy Harner of Aon Risk Solutions.The ‘General Business Communication Award’ went to Lyn Angene of San Diego Superior Court.

The Grand Prize for Best Overall Submission was awarded to Alyson Ebaugh.

Information Mapping: Avoiding the 3 Most Common Mapping Mistakes

We asked some of our instructors and consultants to describe the most common mistakes they see in Mapped documents. Here are their top 3, along with tips on how to avoid these mistakes and keep your business communications clear, reader-focused and easy to use.

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Mind Mapping vs. Information Mapping®: diagramming vs. structured authoring

People sometimes ask us, Is Information Mapping the same as Mind Mapping? The short answer is that they’re not really alike, but since their names are similar enough to cause some confusion, let’s clarify the differences.

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5 Steps to Managing and Reusing Content

five100When our professional services team performs a content audit for a large organization, managers are often shocked to see how much of the same content has been recreated for use within different areas. They can’t believe how much time and effort they’ve spent in “re-inventing the wheel,” and how many gaps, inconsistencies, inefficiencies and other problems have resulted.

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6 Steps to Avoiding Customer Service Nightmares

torches pitchforks_100Over the past year I have had run-ins with customer service at various companies. I have experienced both the positive and the negative. In dealing with an insurance company after a tree fell on my home I endured the nightmare that happens when a company doesn’t have a decent process in place. On the other hand, I work daily with a SaaS based software company that has a five-star customer support process. The differences between the two are like night and day. They quickly illustrate an issue we help solve here at Information Mapping: developing efficient, effective customer service policies, procedures and processes.

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The Information Mapping format: a proven content standard

proven stamp_sm

 "That’s Information Mapping. I can tell by the lines, labels and white space.” Most people recognize a Mapped document right away, thanks to its characteristic format. This leads some to believe that the Method is simply a format, although the format is really just “the tip of the iceberg.” If you’re a Mapper, you know the Method’s greatest value is its systematic, research-based approach to information analysis and organization.

But don’t downplay the Information Mapping format—after all, it’s a content standard used by organizations worldwide. In dozens of research studies content arranged using the Information Mapping format has been proven to be easier to comprehend than the “before” version.

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