Illness and Death from Compounding Pharmacy’s Contaminated Drugs Highlight Need for Best Practices


A few weeks ago I briefly posted this article about a deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis. It generated lots of reader interest. Sadly, the story of the outbreak is still making news, with additional reports of illnesses and deaths. It’s an important story, so here it is again, with a few updates, for those who may have missed it.

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A Thanksgiving recipe from the Mapper’s Morsels cookbook


Every so often we take a break from our focus on the Information Mapping Method as a business communications methodology and talk about the ways in which the Method can help you outside of your work life. Maybe the greatest “civilian” application for the Method is using it to write up recipes. A nicely Mapped recipe is so easy to follow that it’s practically foolproof.

Last July we shared with you a summer recipe for Taco Salad from Mapper’s Morsels, a cookbook that was written by Information Mapping’s consultants and instructors. Since November is the time when many people are planning their holiday menus, we’re presenting another seasonal Mapper’s Morsels recipe.

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Don’t Let “Best Practice” Become a Buzzword


Lately I’ve been receiving lots of emails that urge me to do something or other because it’s a “best practice.” Nine times out of ten, adopting the new best practice involves buying the sender’s product or service. These attempts to sell me on so-called best practices make me wonder what people are thinking when they use the term.


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Illness and Death from Compounding Pharmacy’s Contaminated Drugs Highlight Need for Best Practices


You’ve probably read the news stories about a recent outbreak of meningitis in 19 states. So far this outbreak has caused 25 deaths as well as 354 cases of serious illness. The Centers for Disease Control traced the outbreak’s origin to contaminated steroids from a Massachusetts-based compounding pharmacy.
The contamination resulted from the compounding pharmacy’s attempt at high-volume drug production using inadequate facilities, equipment and practices. As more information about compounding pharmacies’ practices comes to light, I’m wondering why better standards and operating procedures, supported by clear documentation, are not in place at these facilities.

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Improved Installation

The installation and activation mechanisms has changed for FS Pro 2013 to account for the following situations:

Users can easily find their own license key in the License ViewerLarge corporations can use a local license key server to activate FS Pro 2013.Updates and bug fixes can be pushed to users through an Update Server.

These improvements should make it easier for both individuals and corporations to install and activate FS Pro 2013.

Usability Enhancements

FS Pro 2013 contains many usability enhancements:

CTRL Z (undo): works as you would expect now in a Word environment.Logical grouping of functions: fucntions that belong together are now put together in the user interface, for example Insert New Map, Save as Reusable Map, Delete Map and Map Manager.TAB: when your cursor is inside the Block gridlines, the TAB key does not add a new row to the Block table, but adds a new Block. This is a very useful shortcut for users, which helps to retain the integrity of the FS Pro document.Inserting tables: FS Pro prevents you to insert tables when the cursor is positioned outside the Block gridlines. In FS Pro 2013 all tables must be positioned within the Block gridlines, and FS Pro helps you do so.

Flexible Publishing in FS Pro 2013

The functions 'Save as Web Page' and 'Save as XML' from FS Pro 4 have now been grouped in one Publish function.

New in FS Pro 2013 is the ability to add your own CSS and/or XSL style sheets, so you have complete control over the resulting output. Further FS Pro 2013 supports output to HTML5 and mobile devices.

Working with Topic/See Page Tables in FS Pro 2013

When you have a large document with multiple Topic/See Page tables, adding or deleting content in the document often used to mean that you had to update every Topic/See Page table separately again. FS Pro 2013 solves this issue by introducing the function Update All Topic/See Page tables.

It's Time For Some Email Best Practices


When it comes to establishing standards and best practices for business communications, email is still the wild frontier. This has to change, because so much communication takes place via email. Every day I receive more emails than I can easily deal with. It takes way too much time to figure out what’s important and what’s not. I’m not alone—we’re all suffering from email overload. We could all benefit from some email best practices.

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Content reuse in FS Pro 2013

FS Pro 2013 allows you to create reusable content on 3 levels: Document, Map and Block.

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