Improve onboarding and support employee performance at Carrier

carrierCarrier Corporation, based in Farmington, CT, was founded by Willis Carrier, the inventor of modern air conditioning. The company manufactures and distributes heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Now owned by the American multinational conglomerate United Technologies Corporation, Carrier employs more than 43,000 people and reported 2013 revenues of $12 billion.

About the Project

carrier pictureLike many other call centers, Carrier’s Customer Care Center is challenged by employee turnover and hard-to-access information. It takes too long to get new employees to the point where they can effectively help customers resolve issues over the phone.

To improve onboarding and support employee performance, Carrier has asked IMUS to revise the Customer Care Center’s Service Policy Manual. This project involves a complete redesign of their manuals. It includes

  • review of existing content
  • information gathering via interviews with Carrier subject matter experts, and
  • review of the technology infrastructure used to store and retrieve the manual’s contents.