Bell Canada

bellBell Canada has served the communication needs of Canadians for 127 years providing local and long distance phone service, wireless voice and data services, internet access, satellite television and a host of other solutions and services. 


To provide such communication services in today's fast and ever changing environment, Bell Canada itself needs to communicate effectively:

  • It must create consistent messaging with standardized information sent out across many different channels to both its internal corporate offices and its external retail employees across Canada.
  • It needs a solid method to make sure its entire team receives clear, concise, direct, and usable messages to help maintain the company's standards and procedures on a day-to-day basis. 


Bell Canada employed the services of Information Mapping Canada and its structured writing method, Information Mapping®. Information Mapping allows users to organize key messages and present details in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. Information Mapping understands how people need to use information to be effective in their jobs:

  • It simplifies complex information and develops content that works.
  • It is reader-based rather than writer-based, emphasizing how the reader uses information, rather than on how the writer expresses it.

Information Mapping focuses on creating documents made up of precisely defined modules of content that can be

  • scanned quickly for relevant information
  • skipped when not relevant, and
  • read and understood in isolation from the rest of the document.


Readers do not have to wade through pages or screens of text from beginning to end. They zero in only on what they need.

Bell Canada uses Information Mapping in its marketing and communications bulletins to help the sales team internally support their various channels, particularly the corporate and corporately-owned Bell Canada retail stores.



"I have been using Information Mapping for almost 20 years. I am such a big fan of the system that I have introduced it to four different companies in both Canada and the US. In my current role, I run close to 300 retail locations. All of our store documentation including policies, procedures and internal communications are written in the Information Mapping format. I highly recommend this product for maximum comprehension and retention of information."
Jackie Foo, Vice President, Bell Corporate Stores



"Bell is a strong supporter of Information Mapping, which is currently being used by all of our support teams as well as everyone within our corporate stores and at head office. Information Mapping has been invaluable in helping us create more consistent messages. It ensures that our communication is standardized, meaning nothing is missed, which for an organization as large and complex as Bell is invaluable. I have and will continue to recommend Information Mapping to colleagues and organizations alike."
Thea Preston, Communications Manager, Bell Mobility Corporate Stores, Bell Canada