Sonus Networks improves the quality of their documentation

sonus-networksSonus Networks provides networked solutions to communications service providers in nearly 100 countries. Products include Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) session management servers, Voice over IP (VoIP) switches, multiprotocol signaling gateways and network analytics tools.

Managers of a 16-member Sonus Technical Publications team wanted to ensure that the team’s output would be clear, user-focused and easily repurposed. They also wished to improve their utilization of DITA. Information Mapping India provided Sonus with classroom training in Mastering Successful Policies and Procedures for Indian members of the team as well as e-learning for those working in the US.

The Technical Publications team reports that their adoption of the Information Mapping content standard is already yielding great results. Members work together more quickly and efficiently, creating easily reusable modules of content. Users appreciate the clarity and consistency of their output.