IM India provides data storage giant EMC with ELP in support of new leadership program

emcEMC is the world's largest provider of data storage systems. It is an American multinational corporation with extensive operations in India.

EMC recently developed a comprehensive leadership program for Product Architects, Solution Architects and IT Engineers. Designed to equip technology leaders with comprehensive technical, communication and interpersonal skills, this program will be executed in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

We are pleased to announce that the Information Mapping Method was selected as a critical component of the Strategic Thinking and Effective Communication aspects of this new leadership program. EMC employees participating in the program will receive training in the Method, enabling them to create clear, user-focused business and technical documents that optimize communication, support compliance and ensure operational efficiency.

IM India is providing EMC with an Enterprise License Program™ (ELP) that will facilitate implementation of the training.