Macadamian Technologies Inc.

macadamian technologies2Macadamian Technologies Inc. is a global software consultancy that helps companies create succesful products through strategy & research, usability, user interface design and software development services.  


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For Macadamian Technologies Inc., it all started when an employee attended an Information Mapping Canada (IMC) Breakfast Briefing. The employee came back to enlighten Macadamian colleagues with the potential benefits of improving their organization’s communication and documentation.

Sylvain St.-Germain, Director of Process Improvement, then enrolled in a 2-day “Mapping Business Communications” seminar to learn the nuts and bolts of the Information Mapping® Method.


Macadamian did two things:

  • They invited IMC’s Master Trainer and Consultant, Kim Hale, to deliver a 1/2-day seminar focusing on email communications to compliment the elearning program called “Making E-mail Work™” already taken by the key customer-facing team members. All attendees appreciated the skills learned and quickly started to apply the techniques. 
  • They also started to introduce the Information Mapping principles and concepts in the "Macadamian Way" software development methodology. Since then, everyone joining Macadamian is trained in the Method.


Bottom line, Macadamian recognizes that clear communication has a direct impact on the smooth completion and overall success of their software development projects.

Sylvain comments: “Since we learned Information Mapping, we know that the Method plays a significant role in our success as we more effectively communicate both internally and externally, with our partners and most importantly our customers.”

“I do not hesitate to recommend anyone that relies on written communication for business to embrace the Information Mapping Method. A lot of it is common sense and learning the techniques is simple.”