Energy & Utilities

Organizations in the Energy and Utilities sector must comply with the requirements of regulators such as OSHA, DOT, EPA, BSEE and BOEM. They are also increasingly concerned with building and maintaining the skills of a changing workforce.

Information Mapping helps its clients in this sector to maintain compliance and achieve competitive advantage by improving their operational efficiency and quality of service. We offer expert assistance in

  • streamlining processes and capturing best practices
  • designing and developing operating procedures and work instructions that support safe, efficient operation and facilitate compliance
  • creating highly effective training programs that reduce time to competency and minimize need for re-training
  • designing e-content architectures that enable customer service representatives and salespeople to quickly and easily locate the information that customers need

MidAmerican-EnergyUS-based MidAmerican Energy Company is the largest energy company in the state of Iowa. It provides electrical generation, transmission and distribution services to nearly 740,000 customers in Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota and Nebraska. A subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, MidAmerican is the largest of the 14 Berkshire Hathaway Energy companies.

ntpcNational Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is India’s largest power company. NTPC generates and sells electricity to state-owned power distributors throughout the country.

The company also engineers, builds and operates power plants. NTPC employs 24,000 people and generates over a quarter of the electric power used in India. It is expanding its operations to meet the country’s growing needs for power.

relianceReliance Industries Limited (RIL) is truly a mega-corporation. It is the second largest company in India by revenue and ranked 99th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's biggest corporations. The company is a conglomerate with operations in petrochemicals, construction, communications, energy, health care, science and technology, natural resources, retail, textiles, and logistics.

imThe pipeline operations group within a major oil company wished to improve its processes and its compliance with DOT regulatory requirements.

Poor documentation was causing compliance and process problems. Content was often inconsistent, unreliable, and out of date. Processes for managing the documentation were also inefficient and ineffective. They were not centrally managed, and improvement efforts were hampered by lack of clarity around ownership as well as cumbersome and lengthy review, change approval and redeployment cycles.

nbpowerNew Brunswick Power is the primary electrical utility in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. NB Power is a Crown Corporation wholly owned by the Government of New Brunswick.