Indian mega-corporation chooses Information Mapping to ensure compliance and enhance performance

relianceReliance Industries Limited (RIL) is truly a mega-corporation. It is the second largest company in India by revenue and ranked 99th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's biggest corporations. The company is a conglomerate with operations in petrochemicals, construction, communications, energy, health care, science and technology, natural resources, retail, textiles, and logistics.


Wishing to support regulatory compliance and improve employee and organizational performance, RIL has asked IM India to provide training for its e-learning content development and Human Resources team.

Following their training, members of the team will apply the Information Mapping Method to create clear, user-focused training materials, reports and proposals. IM India is also offering RIL a follow-up day of instruction to ensure that team members make optimal use of Information Mapping techniques.