Improving the effectiveness of training at India’s largest power company

ntpcNational Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is India’s largest power company. NTPC generates and sells electricity to state-owned power distributors throughout the country.

The company also engineers, builds and operates power plants. NTPC employs 24,000 people and generates over a quarter of the electric power used in India. It is expanding its operations to meet the country’s growing needs for power.

Supporting growth by improving training effectiveness

ntpc2NTPC’s Power Management Institute (PMI) is run with a clear vision that management development plays a key role in the growth of the Indian power sector. PMI is involved in the training and development of middle and senior level personnel from within the sector as well as from other organizations.

Recognizing that effective training is essential to the company’s successful expansion, leaders within PMI have chosen Information Mapping as their content standard for creating training materials. IM India recently provided PMI team members with training that will enable them to design and develop training guides, reference guides and courseware that support learning and performance and ensure adherence to compliance standards.