Enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing call center efficiency


One of the world’s largest financial services companies operates customer service centers in the United States and several other countries. The centers receive over one million telephone calls annually. The average duration of a call is three to five minutes, and over one third of these calls require the customer service representative (CSR) to search for information to answer the customer’s questions.


TRS leaders wished to enhance customer satisfaction, contain operating costs and increase efficiency by reducing the duration of calls. To accomplish this, they would have to reduce the amount of time it took CSR’s to locate the information that customers required.


Information Mapping’s Professional Services consultants worked with TRS to design and distribute more effective, user-focused online documentation. These consultants redesigned a system of over five thousand screens of information used at service centers within the United States, and also developed new systems for five international service centers.

Information Mapping provided training and support to facilitate conversion of paper-based documents to the online environment, and also helped TRS to establish a standard for creating and maintaining all corporate information online.


Working with Information Mapping enabled TRS to successfully convert all of its paper-based documents to online, and to maintain its corporate information more efficiently by using a structured, clear and easily navigated documentation standard.

The implementation of the new documentation standard enabled TRS CSR’s to reduce average time per telephone call by a full minute. Given TRS’ call volume, this represented a reduction in call time of one million minutes per year.

Conclusion: Use of the Information Mapping method helped TRS to realize significant annual savings by reducing operating costs.