Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

anthemAnthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire, a provider of health insurance, wanted their customer service representatives to have easy access to commonly asked questions. They believed that by offering the information online and improving the organization of the information they would reduce amount of wait time per call and overall call duration, and deliver a consistent message.



Anthem needed a way to structure the content provide a standard for the content create navigation to allow easy access to the most used content, and identify technical constraints for the online presentation.


Information Mapping, Inc. helped Anthem

  • develop the information and navigation architectures for an online environment that is easy to use, intuitive and user focused
  • identify standards for content development, and
  • mentor their team through the development process.


Anthem rolled out the online content and tested it against their old system. The testing showed that

  • information access time decreased by 54%
  • information retrieval accuracy rose from 86% to 100%, and
  • the number of questions that needed to be escalated to supervisors decreased by over 13%, to virtually zero.