Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

icbclogoThe Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) provides auto insurance as well as driver licensing, vehicle licensing and registration to motorists in the Canadian province of British Columbia.



icbc2ICBC wished to update and move legacy content for claims management to a single content source and develop more consistent, action-oriented, audience-focused policies, procedures, and processes across the organization.

To accomplish this, they decided to implement DITA XML architecture combined with use of Information Mapping techniques.


Information Mapping Canada's (IMC) professional services consultants applied industry best practices and ICBC's selected tools to create the writing environment. IMC then deployed a team of "Mappers" who worked closely with ICBC's subject matter experts to define topics, draft new content, and move it through a comprehensive review process.

The combination of Information Mapping and DITA was very successful. ICBC now has a single repository for claims procedures, where end-users can readily find, understand and trust the content they need.