Region of Peel

regionofpeelSituated in the heart of southern Ontario's major urban centres, the Region of Peel is the second largest municipality in Ontario, with a population of over one million. The mandate of Ontario Works in Peel (OWIP) is to provide employment, financial and support services to assist residents of Peel to attain as independent and as stable a role in the community as possible.


casestudy regionofpeelIn early 2006, the Region of Peel's Ontario Works, Program Business Support Unit (PBSU) surveyed their users and clients on the quality of their information products. Not pleased with the results, clients had indicated that they often had difficulty finding the information they needed in policy, program overview, and procedure documents due to length and complexity. PBSU knew they could do better.


PBSU engaged Information Mapping Canada (IMC) in training a small group in the 3 day Developing Usable Content & Documentation seminar. IMC worked closely with PBSU to design documentation standards and best-practices that were subsequently added to and taught during their next seminars.


Information Mapping is now the divisional writing standard for creating online process, procedure and policy documents that are easy to read and understand. As the PBSU trained others in the Method, they recognised the need to ensure consistency from writer to writer and developed an internal Style Guide based on the Method describing

  • how documentation must be structured and formatted, and
  • where to find templates and forms.