Ontario Pension Board Website

opbIn spring 2007, Information Mapping Canada (IMC) had the opportunity to work with the Ontario Pension Board (OPB) to create a website for its Employer Administration Manual.

The OPB administers the Public Service Pension Plan for more than 33,000 employees and 37,000 retirees of the Ontario government.


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The original website was based on long highly technical and complex documentation that had been revised many, many times. Client surveys and frequent inquiries from employers suggested there was an urgent need for a simpler, clearer and improved website.

Thus, OPB engaged IMC’s Mapping consultants to rewrite and restructure the content for their new website.


Repairing the damage

IMC and the pension board met regularly over three months to work on the updated versions. The repairs included better accommodation of the needs of audience, in terms of topic knowledge and terminology. Old wording was also transformed to plain language text and large sections were broken down into bite-sized chunks, employing plenty of white space to enhance more readability.

Training is crucial

The OPB attended three days of Information Mapping training to the learn how to maintain and update the new content.


Now the OPB has a self-service, online manual that is “searchable, easy to understand and consistent with our decision to switch to plain-language communication,” says Peter Shena, VP of Policy and Communications at the OPB in Toronto.

“The employer knows exactly what’s needed. They reference the website as opposed to calling us and having our staff members walk them through it. We can process much quicker.”