Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions

osfiOSFI was established in 1987 to contribute to public confidence in the Canadian financial system. It is an independent agency of the Government of Canada and reports to the Minister of Finance.

OSFI supervises and regulates 450 banks and insurers, and some 1,380 federally registered private pension plans.


"Through the close working relationship that OSFI has with Information Mapping Canada's staff, we have successfully implemented the Information Mapping structured writing method throughout our supervisory work processes.

Without the help that Information Mapping Canada's staff have provided and continue to provide, our implementation and realization of the benefits of structured writing in our work processes would not have happened."

Calvin Johansson Director, Financial Conglomerates Group


"The Information Mapping method of Structured Writing has made my writing life so much better. It makes it easier for me to think about what I'd like to say, determine major points I need to make, include supporting evidence, and edit the material.

Mapping is particularly valuable in collaborative writing. We can share authorship because we share a common structure for how to write. Major points are identified with block headings, various members of the team can take-on different blocks to complete and when the different blocks are all brought together, we have a unified document. It produces a bottom-line result: My own writing and that of others is more readily understood."

Adri van Hilten Director, Financial Conglomerates Group, Supervision