Recorded Webinars

With the launch of FS Pro for Word, structuring and accessing your information just got even easier. All the content you create in MS Word is structured and becomes instantly accessible on any screen, when you need it, where you need it.

Reality tells us that most companies invest an enormous amount of time and energy in creating sales proposals. Discover how to address this challenge during this webinar.

Today, digitization of our business processes, including our documentation, is critical and we are investing heavily in technology to do so. However, if the transition leaves our intended audience or customer base unable to swiftly find the information and answers they need, then the whole purpose of the investment is lost. Structuring content ensures easy access, comprehension and reusability of information.

Learn how to simplify communications to improve customer service and performance.

People don’t read documents, they scan documents to find information. Information is one of the most critical assets of any organization. It must be accessible and usable without the user wasting a lot of time and effort finding information relevant to them.

When auditors walk into your office, they’re looking for answers to these questions:

  1. Are you complying with regulations set by the board?
  2. What are your documented processes-- and how do they match up with what employees are doing?
  3. Do employees clearly understand how to execute their tasks?

To find the answers, they look at your documentation. Even small discrepancies can mean monetary fines, cancellation of licenses or the end of a business or business line.

Organizations reduce costs and increase efficiency when they create and store content that can be quickly revised, updated and re-purposed for publication in different formats. But traditional writing techniques simply won’t work.