Information Mapping® Enterprise License Program (ELP)

The Information Mapping® Enterprise License Program™ (ELP) is the most efficient and cost-effective way to introduce the Information Mapping® Method as a content standard within your organization. It combines software, training, and professional services to ensure a seamless implementation.


The Information Mapping® Enterprise License Program (ELP) allows you to implement Information Mapping® in a flexible way by selecting the components that best fit your specific needs.

The components of the Information Mapping ELP are described in the table below.

Component Short description
Software Pack

FS Pro makes it easy for your employees to write clear, easily understood documents applying the Information Mapping® principles in Microsoft® Word.

The Software Pack provides each employee with

  • an FS Pro software license for 3 years,
  • a task-oriented online tutorial explaining the use of the FS Pro software, and the basics of the Information Mapping® Method, and
  • the Business Communications e-Handbook™ with dozens of models and templates of the most common business documents.
Training Pack

The Training Pack consists of a number of seats to provide your users with training on the Information Mapping® Method. They can choose their preferred training type:

  • 2-day classroom training
  • 2 self-paced e-learning courses, or
  • an online interactive video training

Each training seat includes access to the Information Mapping® Professional™ (IMP) certification exam.


Our Information Mapping Certified Consultants™ can provide you with Professional Services including documentation audits and design of information architectures as well as content development and editing. They can also provide mentoring for your authors.


The ELP enables you to

  • get all your employees up to speed with the Information Mapping® standard in a flexible way,
  • define the pace and scale of the implementation of Information Mapping®,
  • create the blend of Information Mapping software, training and services that best meets your organization’s needs, and
  • benefit from better pricing for Information Mapping software and training.