Content Audit

Our discovery process details the current status of your documentation, what forms it takes, how it is created, and what it is used for. The process uncovers gaps, redundancies, and inconsistencies in both the documentation and the processes that create it.

Challenges We Address

Some of the business challenges addressed with a content audit are

  • eliminating errors
  • increase efficiency
  • improving Content Management ROI
  • improving time to market, and
  • increasing customer satisfaction.

If your content is critical to the success of your business, then Information Mapping can help you develop a winning plan.

What We Do

To respond to your need for better information to drive important business initiatives, Information Mapping will help you develop and implement a plan that addresses your problems with people, information, and technology.

Our consultants will collaborate with you to understand your requirements and propose a solution that takes into consideration your business goals, technology requirements, and target audience.