Deployment Roadmap

Together, we establish an optimal documentation strategy, and specify the steps needed to transform your current process, ensuring minimal disruption to day-to-day operations

Challenges We Address

Some of the challenges that we can help overcome with our deployment roadmap are 

  • employee resistance
  • staff skills gaps
  • technology challenges, and
  • the delivery of information to a geographically dispersed workforce.

What We Do

A key component to the success of information restructuring projects is timely and effective information delivery and employee training. Information Mapping’s expert consultants will work with your employees to develop delivery mechanisms and training programs that are structured to meet your specific needs, thus ensuring a smooth transition and adoption of the new information and higher employee productivity.

Information Mapping can help you

  • develop a phased plan for the roll-out and communication of the information changes
  • identify training needs within your organization and develop a training plan to meet stated performance objectives, and
  • define the requirements for an end-user information delivery mechanism and build or identify a solution to meet these requirements.