Business Communications e-Handbook™

Business Communications e-Handbook™

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This package includes:
  • Business Communications e-Handbook
  • Optional: 1 year FS Pro 2020 License Subscription


The Business Communications e-Handbook

introduces a whole range of typical business document templates to get you started immediately. These document templates are included in FS Pro's Getting Started Wizard.

The e-Handbook is delivered via a PDF viewer on the Information Mapping Academy and will be available for 3 months after purchase.

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The Business Communications e-Handbook™ is a collection of typical business documents that you can use as models for your own documents. Each document in the Business Communications e-Handbook™ consists of

  • a description
  • a list of typical Map titles and Block labels
  • an example, and
  • a document template containing
    • the typical Map titles and Block labels, and
    • suggestions for Block content.