Start to Write Basics

Start to Write Basics

If you are new to structured authoring, the Start to Write Basics is an excellent way to get started!

The Start to Write Basics features

  • a powerful and user-friendly Microsoft Word software plugin that allows you to write in a structured way
  • online training program to learn the proven, research-based writing method and apply it to your documents
  • examples and templates for writing all kinds of business documents
  • Contents
    FS Pro for Word - 1 year
    Information Mapping Foundation
    Business Communications e-Handbook v4

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The FS Pro software allows you to apply the Information Mapping® method within Microsoft Word. Use FS Pro to

  • structure your document with Maps and Blocks
  • use predefined and custom tables
  • save your document as Web Page or XML, and
  • jumpstart your writing with customizable document templates.

The Information Mapping® Foundation™ e-learning course: 90 days access to a self-paced e-learning program that you can complete in 2-3 hours introducing the fundamental principles and concepts of the Information Mapping® method.

The Business Communications e-Handbook™ introduces a whole range of typical business document templates to get you started immediately. These document templates are included in FS Pro 2013.

  • Buy 10 with 5% discount each
  • Buy 50 with 7.5% discount each
  • Buy 100 with 10% discount each