FS Pro 2020 Feature Tour

Structured writing in Word

Anyone can structure a Word document clearly using FS Pro 2020. Use Maps, Blocks, and Overview Maps to create a document your readers can access quickly and easily.

Example of structured content in Word

Structured writing in Word

Live validation

The outline pane in FS Pro 2020 not only shows your document’s structure and lets you navigate quickly through the document, but it also validates your structure as you write. This way, your content can be easily read, reused, or published to other formats.

The outline pane

Live validation


FS Pro 2020 has a build-in publish option that gives you the possibility to:

  • publish your document in different formats and style sheets,
  • publish your document to your desktop or to the cloud, putting your content online,
  • publish your document as HTML or XML,
  • modify the layout of your documents published to the cloud,
  • protect your published documents by using passwords, and
  • publish documents within 3 seconds.

By publishing to the cloud, all the content you create in MS Word becomes instantly accessible on any screen, when you need it, where you need it. Need to quickly check a manual on your phone? Need to run through a proposal on your tablet on the road? Thanks to FS Pro 2020, all your information is at your fingertips. There is no longer a need to browse Word files.

Example of a document published to the cloud, accessible on any screen

Publishing in FS Pro 2020

Reusable content

Consistency is critical when you want to make your document easily understandable. FS Pro 2020 helps you to increase consistency within and across documents with reusable templates, Maps, Blocks, tables and style sets.

Saving a Map as a reusable Map

Save as Reusable Map

Library of business document templates

Not sure how to write a business case, meeting minutes or a Request for Information? FS Pro 2020 comes with a library of 22 business document templates you and your colleagues can use or adapt to your needs.

Template Manager

Template Manager

Customizable look and feel

You can easily customize the look and feel of your FS Pro document using the Style Manager - create a style set for your company or project once, and reuse it in multiple documents or share it with your colleagues to achieve consistency within the team.

Style Manager

Style Manager

Multilingual support

FS Pro is used by companies all over the world, and is available in 11 languages.

Select your language in FS Pro

Supported languages