What's new and improved in FS Pro for Word?

FS Pro for Word is a vast improvement over its already excellent predecessor. Based on user feedback, we have upgraded the user interface, interactive Outline Pane, intuitive Style Manager and much more.

However, the most revolutionary feature is its cloud publishing. FS Pro for Word enables publishing of content directly from Microsoft Word to a web page or presentation format.

Online Publishing

Using FS Pro's new online publishing feature, you can publish all your content directly from MS Word to a responsive web page or online presentation. All the content you create in MS Word becomes instantly accessible on any screen, when you need it, where you need it. Need to quickly check a manual on your phone? Need to run through a proposal on your tablet on the road? Thanks to FS Pro for Word, all your information is at your fingertips. There is no longer a need to browse Word files.

Example of a document published to the cloud, accessible on any screen

Publishing in FS Pro 2020

New video tutorial

In this new video tutorial, you will learn the essential features of FS Pro for Word and the Basics of the Information Mapping® Method.

Get started with our video tutorial


Sub headers in tables

In FS Pro for Word, you are able to use sub-headers in a table. This is used, for example, to group a set of steps in a long procedure.

Example of sub headers in an FS Pro table

Sub Headers

Updated Style Manager

When editing styles in the Style Manager, it is now possible to:

  • edit a style in Word or in the Style Manager with the same effect,
  • use the Word style hierarchy,
  • apply certain properties (font, color, size) to all styles or a specific collection of styles, so you don’t have to select the same properties every time over and over again, and
  • edit different styles from the Style Manager without having to close the Style Manager every time.

As a result, the Style Manger is more efficient and has improved functionality and options.

Updated, intuitive Style Manager

Style Manager

Updated Outline Pane

In FS Pro for Word, it is now possible to really use the Outline Pane as a tool. You can:

  • drag and drop components (maps, blocks, etc.),
  • change the information type,
  • navigate to elements in your document, and
  • collapse elements to keep a clear overview of your structure.

The Outline Pane has also gotten an aesthetic upgrade. The icons of the information types have been improved and the general look is now more in line with the FS Pro Ribbon.

Updated, interactive Outline Pane

Outline Pane

Updated FS Pro Ribbon

To make the FS Pro for Word Ribbon more intuitive, it has received some major usability improvements:

  1. grouped Information Mapping units and features,
  2. Information Types,
  3. grouped style features with an improved Style Manager, and
  4. direct links to FS Pro Tutorial & Publish feature.

Updated, easy-to-use FS Pro Ribbon


And more

There are many other improvements, such as:

  • general usability improvements,
  • new licensing system,

The proof is in the pudding - Try FS Pro free for 30 days!