Technical writing training

The Information Mapping method has gained worldwide acceptance as a key skill set for technical writers. Over the past 40 years more than 600.000 people have been trained to use the Information Mapping method.

Technical writing training worldwide

Information Mapping offers training that can help technical writers to be more productive and improve the quality and effectiveness of their technical documentation, user guides and training materials. We offer many forms of technical writing trainings as well as other services, including technologies that support its use enterprise-wide. 

Interested? Check out our technical writing training roadshow!

Technical writing training

Training package

Each training contains:

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Information Mapping Professional Certificate if you pass for the exam (non-commercial use only).
  • A 1-year user license of FS Pro 2013, our easy-to-use software in Microsoft Word to apply the Information Mapping method quickly and easily.
  • Course material, printed or on USB stick, depending on your country.

Training by e-learning

If you don't have time for a classroom training, you can always check out our e-learning courses at our web store.


 You and your organization will benefit by:

  • increasing productivity
  • reducing errors and risk due to errors in technical documentation
  • improving customer satisfaction
  • cutting down training time, and
  • reducing questions to supervisors and customer support through clear and easy-to-find information.


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