Training Curriculum

Our approach to training is modular. It begins with the Information Mapping® Foundation™ module, which is always combined with at least one of the Master course modules.

informationmapping-canvas 01As its name implies, completing the Foundation is the prerequisite for taking the Master courses.

This course teaches you the basics of the Information Mapping Method, equipping you with the essential skills for writing clear concise content that readers can easily navigate and understand. The Foundation is the first step towards writing better business documents of all kinds.

informationmapping-canvas 03This Master course shows you how to apply the skills taught in the Foundation to the task of creating policies and procedures that are clear, concise and effective, as well as easily revised and updated.

It is intended for those who write SOPs, GMPs, work instructions and other types of policy and procedure documentation.

informationmapping-canvas 02Mastering Policies, Procedures and Documentation™ was designed to meet the needs of those who wish to apply the Foundation skills to creating clear, user-focused documentation, reference guides and training materials.

Technical writers, training developers and other business professionals will benefit from this comprehensive course featuring powerful techniques for information analysis, organization and presentation.

informationmapping-canvas 04

This Master course meets the needs of those who want use their Foundation skills to write easily read, easily understood memos, reports, proposals, product descriptions and other business communications in less time.

This course is perfect for project managers, engineers and other business and technical professionals who need a painless, systematic approach to communicating more clearly and effectively in writing.

informationmapping-canvas 05Writing in Plain Language™ is an Information Mapping® course focusing on presenting your ideas simply and clearly for better compliance, reduced call times, and improved customer service.


Informationmapping-canvas 06In this Master course participants learn to apply the skills of the Foundation to make Web content readily accessible, simple to navigate and easy to understand and use.


informationmapping-canvas 11E-mail is a major tool for doing business—yet most writing classes fail to address how to make the best use of today’s most common communication medium. Making E-mail Work™ is an Information Mapping® Course focusing on writing more effective e-mails that are easy to read and understand, move your readers to action, and make a good impression.