Information Mapping® Foundation™

informationmapping-canvas 01As its name implies, completing the Foundation is the prerequisite for taking the Master courses.

This course teaches you the basics of the Information Mapping Method, equipping you with the essential skills for writing clear concise content that readers can easily navigate and understand. The Foundation is the first step towards writing better business documents of all kinds.

Who should attend?

Information Mapping® Foundation™ is for anyone who needs to communicate clearly, persuasively or effectively.

What you will learn

The Information Mapping® Foundation™ course covers:

  • challenges for readers and writers
  • research-based principles
  • Information Blocks and Information Maps
  • information types, and
  • FS Pro supporting software

How you and your organization will benefit

Information Mapping® Foundation™ helps you and your organization:

  • increase productivity
  • reduce errors and risk
  • improve customer satisfaction, and
  • reduce questions to supervisors and customer support through clear and easy-to-find information.

Important note

The Information Mapping® Foundation™ course is the prerequisite for all of the official Information Mapping® Master Courses. It cannot be purchased on its own. It must be purchased with at least one Master Course.