Mastering Policies, Procedures and Documentation™

informationmapping-canvas 02Mastering Policies, Procedures and Documentation™ was designed to meet the needs of those who wish to apply the Foundation skills to creating clear, user-focused documentation, reference guides and training materials.

Technical writers, training developers and other business professionals will benefit from this comprehensive course featuring powerful techniques for information analysis, organization and presentation.

Who should attend

Mastering Policies, Procedures and Documentation™ is appropriate for anyone who designs or develops complex information or reference material, such as:

  • user guides
  • policy and procedure manuals
  • customer service guides
  • systems documentation
  • standard operating procedures, and
  • training manuals.

What you will learn

The Mastering Policies, Procedures and Documentation™ course covers:

  • analyzing the content
  • organizing the content
  • sequencing and structuring the content
  • presenting the Information Types
  • adding context-setting information, and
  • developing large deliverables.

How you and your organization will benefit

Mastering Policies, Procedures and Documentation™ helps you and your organization:

  • increase productivity
  • reduce errors and risk
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • cut down training time, and
  • reduce questions to supervisors and customer support through clear and easy-to-find information.


Participants must have successfully completed the Information Mapping® Foundation™ course.